Organic Gardens

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A Herb garden – contains over 200 plants with a variety of culinary and medicinal uses. I Biodynamic Garden – opened in 2007 it was the first and only of its kind open to the public. More… Q Bee Apiary – see the beehives close up with the help of The Coventry Beekeepers.
B Exotic Garden – opening June 2011, a Cuban style garden showing how people grow as much food as possible in a small space with limited resources. More…. J Small Organic Garden – was originally made for Channel Four’s “All Muck and Magic” series, it shows how even a small space can be both productive and attractive. R Top Fruit Gardens – contains apples, pears, plums, quince, medlars and cherry trees.
C Flowers for Pleasure – enclosed by a holly and beech hedge, this garden contains bulbs and perennial flowers for colour, scent and cutting. More…. K All Weather Garden – shows how you can grow a variety of vegetables all year round. S Woodland Garden – a tranquil garden with many unusual woodland plants, including edible plants suitable for shade.
D Rose Garden – provides wonderful scent in the summer months and contains varieties that are resistant to blackspot and mildew. More…. L Allotment Garden – shows foodgrowing, crop rotation, together with pest and disease control. More…. T “Growth” Therapy Garden – promotes gardening for people with disabilities and the garden makes the most of raised beds and aromatic plants.
E The Mount – an ideal place to view the whole site. M Bee Garden – all the plants are attractive to bees and have been chosen to provide flowers over a long season and show the essential role bees play in pollinating many fruit and vegetable crops. More…. U Memorial Garden – dedicated to our founder Lawrence D. Hills and his wife Cherry, this garden was built for people with visual impairment.
F RSPB Wildlife Garden – is designed to offer food for birds all year round through the choice of plants and the insects they attract. More…. N Fruitful Schools Orchard – planted in 2010 the orchard contains rare local fruit trees including the three Warwickshire apples. V Children’s Garden – a place for them to let off steam with musical instruments, a willow tunnel and Swiss Style Chalet playhouse.
G Craftsman’s Trees – this area contains 21 different trees which had important uses in the past. More…. O Compost and Soil Fertility – is a display on how to look after your soil, compost bins, wormery and green manures. W Cook’s Garden – features unusual herbs, vegetables and fruit. Some part of every plant in this garden is edible. More….
H Paradise Garden – is spilt into 2 parts, a town and country garden. More…. P Soft Fruit Garden – contains many different varieties of raspberry, gooseberry, red currant, blackcurrant Logan berry and many more. More…. X Low maintenance planting – this area demonstrates an alternative and imaginative approach to planting large areas of land requiring minimum maintenance.

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